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The Nutcracker

This race is a UTMB qualifier and has been awarded 3 points
This is probably the toughest race on Guernsey today and is certainly one of the prettiest
You will be looked after with 3 aid stations enroute and plenty of support
The course is tough with plenty of ascent but you have an acheivable cut off to realise your goal and attain the ITRA points based on your performance. Your legs will forgive you eventually

This race is an official qualifier for international races which require completion of an ITRA race of 3 points

The 2019 Nutcracker will take place on Sunday 27th October gun at 8am


Race listings:

Really tough but I couldn't stop smiling

Timmy Mallet

Ultra Athlete

"The practice of trail-running can entail risks and the search for performance and/or pleasure on no account justifies the distortion of one’s, more or less long term, good health.
Each runner will be particularly vigilant so as not to take any doping product and not to resort to the abusive use of self-medication. They must take care not to exceed their limits to the point of affecting their physical or moral integrity"

The International Trail Running Association

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