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We are dedicated to bringing sports to the community
No matter what sport you are into
GET INVOLVED, Try something new today

Fixtures & Events

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Mission is dedicated to promoting sports while enhancing the health and wellbeing of our community and environment through the organisation of distinctive local races and events
We aim to be a source of support, training, motivation, inclusion and camaraderie for members of all abilities

More People running, SUPing, Kayaking, walking, swimming, cycling... further and more often
To Learn and grow through our shared experience, and to leave nobody behind

We are inclusive – Devoted to all ages, genders and athletic ability are welcome to join in

We emphasise teamwork – We believe bonding as a club through training, social events and other activities leads to better personal and group results as well as long-lasting friendships

We are flexible – We recognise that everyone has time-consuming work and family obligations will schedule training to strengthen club dynamics, but recognise that even the most dedicated need flexibility in schedules

We all have a voice – Every club member’s opinion matters and each member has an equal vote in club elections

We are proud advocates of Guernsey – We will represent Guernsey with dignity, sportsmanship and a sense of dedication to community

We are eco-friendly – We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and reducing our carbon footprint

We can go far together